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Teachers creating resources for Teachers.

Originally created in the eighties by John and Rosina, in 2013 the founding Board resigned and handed over to a new team with the intention of updating and maintaining the sustainability of the program into the future. 

The current Board are..

Emma Wilson - Secretary/Treasurer

Emma is Syndicate Leader for Technology, ICT Manager and eLearning Coach at Lincoln Primary School, she is passionate about students making cross-curricular links with their learning.

Sam Walker - Co-Chair

Sam is Deputy Principal at Mataura Primary School , she is keen to see students excited about maths!

Di Murphy - Co-Chair

Di is Deputy Principal at Pegasus Bay School , with experience teaching at low decile schools, as well as GATE education, she is keen to see students extend themselves at any level.

Eli Wilson - Trustee

Eli is a Teacher Aide at Papanui High School, she is keen to see students achieve no matter what obstacles might be in their way!

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